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Q: Will you offer free coverage if there is breaking news?

A: Some breaking news will be available via our home page. In addition, please sign up for breaking news emails at

Q: How do I know when I reach my limit with the Free Trial?

A: Upon reaching your limit you will be asked to Subscribe to Digital Unlimited at our standard subscription rate. However, if you sign up now you can take advantage of this special offer at the low rate of $13 for 13 weeks of service. Click here to sign up now.

Q: Will I still be able to access The Times' articles through Facebook, Twitter, blogs or search engines?

A: Access to articles via these providers will remain unchanged for members and non-members alike. As long as a link or post on a social site is live, you will always be able to click through to that story. Members can click through to an unlimited number of articles. For non-members, however, please be aware that each click-through counts toward the article maximum. Also, if non-members revisit a story previously read, it will not count toward the limit.

Q: I enjoy commenting. Can I make and read comments without becoming a member? Do they count toward my monthly article limit?

A: We encourage commenting and consider it an important part of the community. In order to do so, you will be required to register. Registration is different from membership and can also be done at: Please note that comments do not count toward the article maximum, nor does any content that you generate for the community, such as posting photos. You may continually check stories you have commented on and engage in discussions with other visitors without increasing your article count.

Q: How do the mobile apps factor in?

A: The LA Times iTunes app is free to download. If you don't have a Digital Unlimited subscription, upon reaching your limit of premium articles you will be asked to subscribe to Digital Unlimited at our standard subscription rate. If you already have a subscription please be sure to log in using the same email that is linked to your account and your access will carry over.

Q: What if I don't want to pay for a membership - can I still read for free? Is there a monthly article limit?

A: Non-registered users can continue to get breaking news, enjoy repeat visits to's home page and take advantage of the Free Trial. The free trial of the web site and the duration of the trial may vary by location and season. After your free trial concludes we will offer you our standard subscription rate to continue taking advantage of all that has to offer. There are limited areas of the site you can enjoy without a subscription: homepage
LA Times Store
Readers' Representative Journal
Classifieds - Cars, Marketplace, Real Estate, Jobs, Rentals
Legacy paid obituaries
Games and crosswords
About us
Media kit

Q: Do page views on the same article count toward my access limit?

A: An article that is broken into multiple pages will only count once.

Q: I like the crossword puzzle and games. Do I need to be a member to access them?

A: Access to crosswords and games is unlimited.

Q: What about my newsletters?

A: You can continue to register for and receive our email newsletters without becoming a member. The newsletter itself does not count toward the monthly limit, but any stories you click through to on will be counted. Visit to register for additional newsletters.

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Membership benefits and privileges

Q: What is the Los Angeles Times Membership program?

A: A Los Angeles Times Membership is your all-access pass to the best of Southern California news, culture, commentary and happenings. The benefits of joining include:

• A variety of membership packages providing unlimited access to and our distinctive and award-winning storytelling, investigative reports, commentary, in-depth local news, signature blogs, compelling photo galleries, original video content, and revealing data projects and analysis
• Home delivery options
• Daily eNewspaper, a digital replica of The Times print edition
• Unlimited access to LA Times subscription-based News App
• Member privileges such as special opportunities at select Times events, early access to special news and information, unique money-saving discounts and deals, as well as giveaways and contests.

Q: I already have a subscription. What does this mean to me?

A: As a valued home delivery customer, your access to all that's available on is unlimited and there is no additional cost. With a few simple registration steps at, you can review the terms of your membership, activate your account and begin to enjoy your benefits.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: 1) If you are already a customer, there is no additional cost. 2) If you are an avid readers who doesn't currently receive home delivery, we offer a number of membership packages that will enable you to receive unlimited access to all of The Times' award-winning news and information and membership advantages mentioned above. For up-to-date pricing please go to

Q: I'm not currently a subscriber, how do I get started?

A: Simply type in your ZIP Code and promotional rates for your area will automatically display. For instance, customers in Southern California can get home delivery every Sunday with unlimited access to

Q: My family members share the paper at home. Do you offer a family plan? How can my family share a digital membership?

A: Membership entitles you and four additional family members to each enjoy five separate logins. Each of those logins can access via five different browsers or devices at a time.

Q: Do you have any group, corporate or educational discounts?

A: We do not offer corporate or educational discounts at this time.

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Q: I get the Los Angeles Times eNewspaper. Does that entitle me to membership at no additional cost?

A: Yes, those who currently subscribe to the stand-alone eNewspaper digital replica are eligible for membership at no additional cost.

Q: I subscribe to on my eReader (Kindle or Nook). Am I therefore eligible for membership at no additional cost?

A: Not at this time. We are currently working with Barnes & Noble and Amazon to create a solution.

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Membership management

Q: I travel frequently. What happens to my digital membership then?

A: There's no need to place your digital membership on hold. You will have full access to and the replica eNewspaper anytime and anywhere. To temporarily suspend delivery of your paper while you're on vacation, go to the Vacation section of or call Membership Services at 1(800)252-9141. Please provide a restart date within 30 days of the vacation stop date. For longer vacations, please contact Membership Services at 1(800)252-9141. Effective March 2011, account credit is no longer given on vacation holds.

Q: What are your newspaper delivery times?

A: Guaranteed delivery times are Monday-Friday 6:00 am, Saturday 7:00am and Sunday 8:00am. To report an issue with your paper or get a replacement delivered, please contact us before 10:30am Monday-Saturday or 11:00 Sunday.

Q: How do I make changes to my account, or get additional account assistance?

A: Once you have activated your membership, you can manage your account at our Membership Services website at: If you haven't already done so, please visit the site to register your account.

Q: What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A: You may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service at 1-800-88-TIMES. Upon cancellation, your subscription will stop at the end of the pay-through date.

Q: My question is not answered here; how can I get more information?

A: We're sorry your question wasn't answered and look forward to hearing from you. Please send your question to or call Membership Services at 1(800) 252-9141.

Q: Where can I give you my feedback regarding the Los Angeles Times Membership products?

A: There are two easy ways to give us feedback. Access feedback under the Manage Account button at, or use our convenient comment form.

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Signing in to access content and participate

Q: When do I need to sign in and how do I do so?

A: You can log in to your membership account, comment on articles or sign up for newsletters by clicking "sign in" on the top left corner of the homepage. You will also be asked to sign in if you have not already done so and have reached your monthly article limit.

Q. I do not have a membership, but I do comment or receive newsletters. How do I sign in to modify my account settings, link social accounts like Facebook, or change my newsletter subscriptions?

A: You can sign in to comment and adjust your account settings by clicking the "sign in" link on the top left corner of

Q: What if I have a membership and the sign up link doesn't recognize my account and asks me to pay again?

A: Click on the link that says, "Already an L.A. Times subscriber? Click here to match" and follow the process for matching your current account to your membership.

Q: What if I am already registered to comment or receive newsletters, but with a different email address than I used for joining the Membership program?

A: Click on the link that says, "Already a home delivery customer? Click here to match" and follow the process for matching your previously registered account to your new membership.

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